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Unzip Ken Ward's and click on the setup.exe file. Follow Windows Installer instructions.

After installing, click on a link to Readability, for instance, in the Start Menu or on the Desktop.

Past some text into the editor:

You can paste any text you like into the editor (normal English), but the editor is a plain text editor, and all format will be lost.

Click on this menu button to clean up the text:


(The message "Normalize..." appears when the mouse is over the button)

The text should be "normal" English. The clean up deals mainly with dots in normal English which would confuse the program. Normal English includes the meaning of no words in all capitals, as "NEW! NEW! NEW!", which the program will think are acronyms and score accordingly. It converts N.H.S to NHS, and 3.14156 to 3·14156, and 2,000,000 to 2000000.

Now click on the compute button:

Computing the Dale-Chall index takes most of the computation time. If the text contains many words, the program may take some minutes to process it.

And finally, look at the indexes:


Ken Ward's Writing Pages

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