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Writing: Using Readability  British and American Systems (Grades)

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SchoolBritish stage National Curriculum Level (Estimated)British year Old British system Age USA Grade
Infant or PrimaryFoundationReceptionInfants3-5
Key Stage 1
Year 1 5-6 Kindergarten
2Year 2 Top Infants 6-7 1
JuniorKey Stage 2
Year 3 Bottom Junior 7-8 2
3Year 4 2nd Junior 8-9 3
Year 5 3rd Junior 9-10 4
4Year 6 Top Junior 10-11 5
SecondaryKey Stage 3
Year 7 First form 11-12 6
Year 8 Second form 12-13 7
5 or 6Year 9 Third form 13-14 8
Key Stage 4 GCSE Year 1Year 10 Fourth form 14-15 9
8GCSE Year 2Year 11 Fifth form 15-16 10
Secondary or Sixth Form CollegeKey Stage 5 A Levels Year 1Year 12 Lower Sixth form 16-17 11
A Levels Year 2Year 13 Upper Sixth form 17-18 12
University or CollegeUndergraduate1st Year (Freshman)18-1913-14
2nd Year19-2015
3rd Year(Finalist)20-2116

Ken Ward's Writing Pages

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