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Writing: Computing the Six Readability Indexes

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Before entering the text, the screen looks like this:
screen blank

Paste your text into the small editor on the top right of the program's screen (marked below in red). On the program it says, 'Paste your text in the editor below'.

screen shot

The editor looks like this:

After pasting your text, click on the Normalize Text button, shown below:

(It is highlighted). Or you can click on the main menu, Actions, and choose Normalize Text. You do this to remove unwanted characters, which confuse the program, from the text. These are normally full stops in abbreviations and in numbers. They confuse the program, making it think it has found a sentence. Clicking the button, or choosing the menu item normalizing the text for processing. It is important to click this button before computing the readability indexes, but it isn't automatic (at the moment) because the program wants to show you exactly what it is doing. (On occasions you might choose to edit the text further.)
The 'Compute Readability' button is highlighted above. Click this button and wait (a short or longer time) for the program to process the text. Or click on Actions, Compute Readability instead of clicking on the tool button.

The Results: The Indexes

Look in the area of the lower right-hand side of the screen. Below the area is indicated by the red square:
screen indexes
A below the measures are shown below:

The reading measures are:
  1. Flesch Kincaid Grade, shown as F-K Grade
  2. Flesch Reading Ease, shown as Reading Ease
  3. Automated Reading Index, or ARI
  4. The Coleman-Liau Index
  5. Gunning's Fog Index, and
  6. SMOG Index
  8. Dale Chall (Old version)

Ken Ward's Writing Pages

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