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Self Development Books

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I have grouped the books I recommend into the following categories:
  1. Self Development
  2. Communication
  3. Hypnosis
  4. Healing
  5. Spiritual

Although there is a great deal of information on this site, some like to get books and enjoy reading another viewpoint, or exploring a subject in greater detail. I have been very tardy about providing a reading list, and this one is developing! The list is purely my own preference!

Self Development

I plan to add further books in this category that are in the group of self help psychology and alternative mind work.

coreTransformations.gif (10260 bytes)Core Transformation : Reaching the Wellspring Within

by Connirae Andreas, Tamara Andreas

This book describes in detail a technique to bring together those parts of us which are not in accord with our true purpose and to enable us to step up to a higher degree of enlightenment. The process is described in a step by step way and can be used as a self process or with clients.

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ChangeYourBrain.gif (9880 bytes)Change Your Brain, Change Your Life : The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness
by Daniel G. Amen

A book that talks about the way in which the brain affects or controls our thinking and behaviour and how our knowledge of this can help us change the way our brains affect us.

In the book, the brain is divided into 5 areas: prefrontal, cingulate gyrus, limbic system, basal ganglia and temporal lobes. Each is related to the problems we might have. By pinpointing the areas of the brain which 'cause' certain behaviours, these can be targetted and treated in a scientific way.

He suggests nutritional, behavioural, medical and cognitive techniques to deal with specific issues, and also gives advice on personal development.

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Brain Tricks : Coping With Your Defective Brain
by David L. Weiner

This book explains, along with practical adivice, how our brains may lead us astray in such areas as: purposes, social programmes, power, sex, territory and security. These 'innate' programs set up for biological reasons which might no longer apply, may lead us astray and enable us to be manipulated. A good read too!

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I mean interpersonal communication here! These are books about how we can learn to communicate better, both with ourselves and with others!


Hypnosis is more than swinging watches and urging the client to 'Sleeeep!' It is an alternative psychology with a great deal of workability. And hypnotists can use techniques on apparently awake people. We are all influenced hypnotically by the media, politicians, salespeople, etc. This is a subject we should know about!

The Art of Hypnosis : Mastering Basic Techniques
by Roy C. Hunter

This is a very good book for anyone interested in hypnosis. Personally, I found it so interesting that I read it from cover to cover in the same day!

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This section mainly concerns 'mental' healing.


You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise L. Hay

The synopsis of this book says:

"Hay's internationally acclaimed bestseller--in which the author shares her personal experiences with healing, including how she cured herself after being diagnosed with "incurable" cancer"

Her book also contains lists of thoughts associated with illness and bad conditions and counter-thoughts as a rememdy.

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ReinventingMedicine.gif (8385 bytes)Reinventing Medicine : Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing
by Larry Dossey

Larry Dossey, a physician and researcher presents scientific evidence for the effects of the non-local mind in, for example, destroying cancer cells, inhibiting e-coli growth, and interfering with plant growth when you are depressed! The point being that such effects can be scientifically detected, if not explained!

This is popularly written and startling book by the 'father of mind-body medicine'.

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BeatingTheBlues.gif (6974 bytes)Beating the Blues
by Xandria Williams

This is a well-written book about handling depression, however, it contains so many interesting techniques that it could be viewed simply as a self development book. This book is very well written and easy to read. Some find the book offensive because it considers that illness is a choice. I did not find it offensive at all. You will learn a lot about useful techniques from reading this book.

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Although many other books might come in this group, the ones I add here concern matters that directly concern the spirit and those which deal with telepathy, intuition and the like.


AnatomyOfSpirit.gif (6442 bytes)Anatomy of the Spirit : The Seven Stages of Power and Healing
by Caroline Myss

This book examines the 7 chakras and how these relate to other beliefs, such as the Jewish Kabbalah. The book is a fusing of medicine (she is a medical intutitive) and the growth of the spirit. This book gives a good description of the chakras and how they relate to various apsects of psychology and life. An interesting book to read.

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Channelling : A Beginner's Guide
by Chris Stormer

This is a beginners guide to channelling which explains what it is and how to do it. The unconscious mind is channelled into consciousness and wisdom!

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visionsOfImmortality.gif (10890 bytes)You Cannot Die : The Incredible Findings of a Century of Research on Death
by Ian Currie

This is another book that I found so fascinating, I couldn't put it down. It is well-written and covers the evidence for the existence of the spirit after death. He deals with many aspects from near death experiences to hauntings. This book is well argued and supported by good evidence.

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