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What is Bio-Spiritual Programming?

nutritionnutrition Everything is either physical, mental or to do with the spirit. These areas are not totally different, however, because we can bring about changes in one or more of them through changes in another. For example, a depressed person might be helped by being given drugs by a doctor, by changes in their diet, by exercise or by counselling, etc- they may even be helped by a religious experience.

Because a change in one area can produce changes in another, we consider that Mind, Body and Spirit as part of the same system. That is, they are aspects of the same thing. To remind us of this, we use the term Bio-Spiritual Programming (BSP). BSP contains references to the physical by using the word "bio", as in the word "biology". The word "spiritual" is part of the expression BSP. And the mind is referred to by the word "programming", which uses the computer metaphor for the Mind. Bio-Spiritual Programming, therefore reminds us of the interrelationships of the mental, the physical and the spiritual.

Mind, body and spirit interact with each other to produce mental, physical or spiritual effects. The health of the body, for example, is affected by actions at various levels. A sick body, for example, may be affected by actions at the body level and at the level of mind and spirit. But a sick body, for example, is only completely resolved when addressed from all levels.

Using the term Bio-Spiritual Programming reminds us that problems, for example, body issues, can be dealt with in various ways - sometimes apparently different ways such as affecting the body through the mind or through the spirit.

Issues at the level of mind can be dealt with at the levels of the body or the spirit.

And issues at the level of the spirit can be dealt with at the level of the body or the mind.

This does not mean that we have to use all bases - mind, body and spirit - to make changes. But a complete resolution involves all bases, body, mind, spirit.



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