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The Part has the Same Qualities as the Whole

Here is an example of this pattern:

America is a rich country..

Tom is an American.

So Tom is rich.

Although America is a rich country, this does not mean that evey American is rich. Tom may be a homeless person.

You handle this technique by asking:

Can you imagine a poor American?

If you can, the logic is faulty.

Compare this:

Only scientists can be members of th Scientists Club

Mary is a member of the Scientists Club

So Mary must be a scientist.

Can you imagine a member of the Scientist's club who is not a scientist? Well, no you can't, because only scientists are members!

The difference is that being a member of the Scientists Club entails being a scientist, but being American does not entail being rich!

So we can detect this pattern by asking if you can imagine the opposite. If you can, then the argument may not be true.