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Money is basically a symbol.

It is something that can be exchanged for other things.

Originally people bartered  That is, they exchanged goods for other goods. Money became a symbol for this exchange and so instead of exchanging five chickens for a pig, five chickens and the pig were given a money value. With money you could buy one chicken, even if all you had to barter were pigs! In the same way, you can buy a chocolate bar even if all you have is a 20 dollar bill. (You can get change!)

Fair exchange is no robbery.

But what is fair exchange? This depends on the parties concerned.

Gold has great value, but sandwiches are comparatively of lower value.

Why do we value gold above bread? The reason is that gold is rare and permanent. To some extent it is because many people will value gold above bread, but only when they have plenty of bread. When people regard the future, they value gold above bread, but when they are starving they will value bread above gold because they can think only of the present need for life and release from starvation.

Gold is satisfying when you think you can wait for a time to receive that satisfaction. Gold is not satisfying in itself, but only in the future.

Suppose you were starving and you had the choice of a gold coin which you could use to buy much food in the future or a sandwich now ... you might choose the sandwich now if you couldn't wait.


You grow rich when you can afford to wait and hold gold or money. You also grow rich by exchanging with others what has less value to you than gold others will pay you, but has more value to others than their gold. In this way others exchange their gold for goods or services and you gain greater buying power with the gold you have.

Your goods or services are more valuable to others than their gold because they perceive your goods or services to be rarer (and more permanent) than their gold. When their is a pressing present need, then a greater satisfaction in the future is less value than what will give satisfaction now.

Exchange occurs because one party believes that the goods are more valuable than gold. But different parts do this for different reasons. One person may pay gold for a pig because that pig will feed their family. Another might pay gold for a pig because that pig will produce other pigs that can be exchanged for gold. Some exchange gold because the goods will satisfy their needs or because they can gain more gold by satisfying the immediate needs of others.

Something for nothing

People will not usually give or pay for nothing at all, except when they perceive that getting rid of something is more valuable than keeping it and keeping their gold. So people may pay you to take away their rubbish even though you may make even more gold from the rubbish. They do this because owning the thing is less valuable than getting rid of it.

What is gold in the mind?

Gold (money) is a symbol for exchange. That is something is passed between parties in exchange for gold.

Money Processes

In relation to money you could:

  • Increase your motivation
  • Establish wealth on your future time track

These processes use the ideas of submodalities

Increase Your Motivation

  1. Get the idea of something you really want. Use what you have learned about submodalities to determine its properties - position, colour, sounds and words, etc.
  2. Take a symbol of money. For example, you could take a real bill and study it for a while. Close your eyes if you wish and then put this image of money where something you really desire is placed in your mind. Give the money symbol the submodalities of this desired thing.
    You might make the money symbol bigger, closer and brighter. Make any voices sexy and alluring ... but determine what works for you if these examples are not exactly right
  3. Open your eyes and break state by counting from 10 down to 1, or distracting yourself in your preferred manner.
  4. Test your new motivation. For example, when you think of money do you really desire it?

You can repeat this process as often as you wish, but once may be enough.

Establish Wealth on your Future Time Track

  1. Find something that is yours. Some thing you can say definitely belongs to you.
  2. Find its submodalities - position, colour, size, etc.
  3. Put your images of being rich in this place.
    See yourself with the trappings of wealth - these could be sensing something you really want. Look around in this space and enjoy seeing yourself with those things that show you are wealthy. You may see a bank statement with a balance that shows a million dollars.
  4. Give it the same submodalities that the definitely owned thing has. Often a money image that is big, close and bright is more powerful.
  5. You might hear a voice, such as, 'It's mine!'. Have this voice in submodalities that suit you. Sometimes an excited or sexy voice is powerful.
  6. Break state by opening your eyes and counting from 10 down to 1.
  7. Test your new future by imagining it!