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Comparing a new criteria with an old one and installing the new criteria

In the previous lesson, we elicited the Sub-modalities of the top criterion and here we are going to compare it with a wanted criteria and install the new criteria.

Comparing the submodalities. of money with happiness

Now think about money. How does it compare with the previous picture?

It's grey and dim and it's way down below happiness. It has a white border. It is associated, whereas happiness is dissociated.

Installing the money value

Now what happens when you move money to the same position as happiness? Make it dissociated like happiness.

I notice something changing. It is dissociated and like happiness.

Here is the previous list of criteria.

  1. Happiness
  2. Making a better world
  3. Freedom
  4. Learning
  5. Challenge
  6. Discovery
  7. Change

Comparing money as a value with the other values

Begin to compare money with the other values (below happiness).

Is money more important than making a better world?

Yes. Eh! You can't make a better world without money.

Is money more important than freedom?

Yes. If you have money you can be free.

Is money more important than learning?

Yes. It enables learning.


How has money changed?

It has become something that facilitates many of the other values.