jsEditor Installation, Registering and Upgrading


Normally, you would download the program "jsEditor96Install.EXE" and follow the instructions. If you are an existing user, and you have made changes to Code Helper and added new Data files, then you would install the program to a new directory. 

You can download an installation program, which will guide you through the installation and make links to jsEditor in your "Start" menu. The installation program is called "jsEditor96Install.EXE".


  If you download the program "jsEditor96Install.EXE" then much of what follows is done automatically.


You download the jsEditor from the address supplied to you either automatically when you get the full version or from an update email, or from the public download page for the time-limited version.

Sometimes you can download the file by clicking on the link and following the instructions in the resulting dialogue box. Normally you will choose 'Save to disc'.

You can also download the program by right-clicking on the link and, depending on your browser, choosing 'Save as ... ' (or 'Save Link as ..') or you can choose 'Copy Shortcut' (or 'Copy Link Location') and paste the resulting URL in your FTP client for downloading. Probably most people will choose 'Save as ...' or equivalent.

Save the file in a new directory called, for example, 'c:\Program Files\jsEd96', or any directory you like. The main point is to remember where you saved it! I am here referring to the zip file that contains the jsEditor files (jsEdt160.zip). When you have downloaded this file, you can unzip it where you want the editor to finally be.

Uninstalling jsEditor

Use the uninstall feature on the menu.

Updating jsEditor

If you unzip the files into "Program Files", the new version will overwrite all the files of the same name in the current version.

Attending Files

Apart form the exe file, the files that come with the jsEditor are 'text' files. That is 'htm' and other files. Files that start with 'js' are usually help files, and they end in 'htm'.

There are other files which contain the data for the 'Data' menu items.

And there may be other files which save the last file information, etc.

All that is required is that all the extracted files are stored in the same directory.

  This is done by the fixed directories in the zip program.

Registering the program

You can register the program by going to the Register page, located in the Help menu. This is the page that appears automatically when you start the unregistered version of jsEditor.

Choose the register on-Line button and follow the instructions for registration.

After registration, you will receive the un-lock codes by e-mail within 24 hours. Please allow 24 hours, as this is not done automatically.

When you receive your un-lock codes, enter the User Name and Serial Number in the appropriate boxes and click the Enter Unlock Codes button. The program will tell you whether the registration is successful. You will return to jsEditor and in future the registration dialogue will no longer appear.