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Astrology: the Seasons.

clear.gif (807 bytes) The following table shows the relationship between the seasons and the astrological signs:
Season North Season South Astronomical Time Beginning Middle End
Spring Autumn March Equinox Aries Taurus Gemini
Summer Winter June Solstice Cancer Leo Virgo
Autumn Spring September Equinox Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
Winter Summer December Solstice Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

As the nights grow shorter and day and night become equal, the sun moves in the sign of Aries in late March and the astrological year begins with Spring. Aries is the beginning of Spring. It is a time of new growth and a time of greater light as the nights continue to grow shorter and the weather becomes warmer. By the time the sun has passed through Aries, in late April, plants are budding, animals are out of hibernation, birds have returned to northern areas and the soil is tilled and readied for planting. Aries is a time of rich new growth. A time of great energy and enthusiasm for the new year ahead. It becomes urgent to prepare the fields and set the seeds.

When the sun reaches Taurus, in late April, Spring is established and new growth is everywhere. We see the birth of young animals and new plants. Birds build their nests and have their chicks, animals are born, and gardens are planted. This is a time of continuing toil as the fields are prepared and the seeds are set and cared for.

The ending phase of Spring is signalled by the sun moving into Gemini, in late May, when new life is dispersed locally and Summer is heralded. Many baby birds and animals have grown and are ready to fly away. The plants are established and work on the land becomes variable according to the needs of the farms.

Summer arrives when the sun moves into Cancer and the shortest day occurs. Life is lush and abundant, flowers and plants are in bloom. Food from the fields is ready to eat. It is a time to be protective over the land, because the work has been done and the crops are growing and others might come to steal the benefits of the work. Instinctive and basic urges are easily stimulated, both in response to threats and in caring for the young life.

In Leo the Summer is at its hottest. More food is available from the fields. And it is a time for parties and enjoyment. The people can live like kings and gain the advantages from the creative and impressive land.

In Virgo, the heat begins to be dissipated and the last of the crops are harvested. Although it is still Summer, the feeling that it will soon end is upon us. It is a time of work, preparing for the Winter and storing and preparing the food for the long nights to come. It is necessary to be analytical and critical of what has been done and what will be done to prepare for the future.

Autumn begins when the days are again of equal length and when the sun moves into Libra. It is a time to plan for winter. To weigh and balance the wherewithal to survive. It is the time to plan for the indoor life during the Winter. A partner to share the time during the dark time of the year. A time to be at one with Nature and all life forms, in the sense of accepting the reality that to survive, one must collect the harvest and store it for the times when there will be no food from the land. And a time to collect the seeds and plan to set them in the coming Spring. In many lands in ancient times, the people would not go to war until they had completed the harvest. This is a time, therefore, for diplomacy and harmony. It is a time for unity (or for war).

Over the next few months the plants begin to "die". The leaves are on the ground, and the trees are bare. In Scorpio ideas of life and death are most pronounced as the year's life is given up and new life is concentrated into seeds for the next year. The coming Winter threatens life and limb and Scorpio faces it without showing its fear. The emotions run deep and the need to discover the deep meaning and secrets is paramount. It is a deep and intense time because the time for preparing for the Winter is running out. It is also a secretive time, because others might try to find and steal your supplies of food, or the authorities might want to claim some of it. Hiding and discovering hidden things is therefore a time for Scorpio.

With the arrival of Sagittarius, the life energy is dispersed and the Autumn gradually changes to Winter. Some days are like Autumn, on other days the ground is covered by snow. This is the time of the hunter and the wanderer who travels far a field in search of meat to sustain life during the Winter. It is a time to be philosophical because little can be done now to prepare and survive the winter. Yet knowledge is valuable in finding additional food, such as that from hunting. Freedom and tolerance are practised because the time for passion and intensity have passed. Whereas the farmers might work in groups and follow strict rules, the hunter may go out alone and be under no-one's control.

The first signs of Winter come with the sun moving into Capricorn. This is signalled by the shortest day, when the nights are longest. It is the worst time in that the world is at its darkest, and it is also a new beginning, because after this, the nights will grow shorter as new light comes into the world. Capricorn is practical and plans for the future. Hard work during the dark days is Capricorn's strength. This is a time to be practical about the resources that are available. Capricorn is practical and prudently uses the resources available. In the early days of the year, it was a time optimism with the knowledge that Summer is coming and life and food is abundant. But at this time, there is no optimism, only the reality of what material things you have.

In Aquarius we experience the coldest days of the year. At this time, it may be necessary to stay indoors most of the time. It is a time of thinking and reflecting on the new year. With little to do outside, the Aquarian has time to invent new things and plan changes. It is also a time of waiting and controlling the emotions. The Spring is still far away, so at this time people dare not release their emotions. They become indifferent about most things as they await the Spring.

Pisces disperses the Winter and the nights become shorter and the days become longer. Some days are like Winter, whilst others are like Spring. It is a changeable time. Spring will soon come after the long Winter, so that people can become inspired with thoughts of the new year.