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Pretending your way to Mastery of Anything!

  You can master anything if you believe you can. And you CAN believe - with the power of pretending. You can use this technique to attain whatever you want, just follow the same procedure. Suppose, for example, you want more self confidence ...

Here's how!

ΠAccept you lack self confidence, after all, if you did you wouldn't want to be self confident would you?
 Just for a joke, pretend you are self confident. What is it like?
Ž How do you feel?
 How do you behave now you are self confident?
 Do you like this image of self confidence? If prefer, then make a few changes so you like it.
Step into this image of self confidence, and enjoy being self confident. Get the full feel of it.
Practice often and notice how this affects your life!

Were you surprised when you noticed how it made everything that little bit better?

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