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How to get 100% agreement - every single time!

  Did you know that if you can get someone to agree three or four times, they will most probably agree automatically the next time? Have you ever found yourself in a 'set' where you answer in the same way as before by habit? So you can see how this works!

But how can you get someone to agree with you 100% of the time? Easy. For example, at this moment I am sitting at my computer. I am typing this article. The sun is shining. It's quite hot. In my area it is very quiet. Trite? Dross? Perhaps, but I certainly can't disagree, can I? It is all true.

Making statements that the other must agree with (or which you know they will agree with) is called pacing. By commenting on the physical universe, for example, you get 100% agreement because you are referring to what is! If it rains, the other has little choice but to agree!

ΠYou can describe what you see or hear exactly.
  • You are sitting at your desk.
  • You are looking at me.
  • We have been talking for 3 minutes.


 You can make general statement which everyone will agree with. For example:
  • Certain thoughts are going through your mind.
  • You are wondering what will happen.
  • You can notice the feel of the chair you are sitting on.
  • You can see certain specific things.
  • You can hear sounds.


Ž You can make statement which are un- provable:
  • Your heart rate has changed.
  • Your blood pressure is now different.
  • You are more relaxed.
  • Your body appears lighter than before.
 You can make statements which are universally agreed, or agreed within a given culture:
  • Business is business!
  • You didn't get where you are now by being lazy, did you?
  • You don't get something for nothing do you?
  • There's a silver lining in every cloud, isn't there - even if its hard to find!

By making several of the above type statements and then one you want the listener to accept you can tremendously increase your ability to get agreement. Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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