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When you find out their magic words of influence you become absolutely irresistible!

  When anyone receives information he or she evaluates it, determining  whether it is bad or good, useless or useful, etc, according to THEIR criteria. You can use this fact to discover and use another's criteria, to obtain their  enthusiastic agreement. That person's criteria magically and irresistibly influence them.

To determine another's criteria ask these question:

ΠWhat makes this important to you?
 What does this do for you?
Ž What would I have to do to (get your business)?
 What would have to happen for ... (you to support me)

Having determined the other's magic words, use these exact words exactly as THEY have used them to create a powerful influence. If they mispronounce or misuse words, then you should mispronounce and misuse them too. Just as they did. When you do this, you can frame your message in a way that is magically irresistible to the listener!

Although each of us has our own magic words - which differ from others - there are certain magic words that appeal to most of us.

The list given varies but tends to include:


These words represent some of the criteria we all share. But our own personal criteria, which we reveal in response to the questions at the beginning of this article, influence us most of all.Discover and use these and your communications will be magically irresistible!

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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