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The four conditions you must meet to be calm and stress free

  Four essential conditions help you reduce stress:
 Comfort
Ž Air:
 Wanting to be calm.

Find a quiet place, preferably silent. Of course, too little stress can be just as bad as too much. Yet if you ARE stressed, you need less stimuli. That means silence. As silent as you can get.

Do you feel comfortable? Have you placed your body in an awkward position? Change your position! Check if you have tensed some muscles for no reason? Relax them! Do you feel hot or cold? Hungry? Etc.? Many basic things, such as hunger, temperature, etc - determine whether you feel comfortable or not. You need to regard the position of the body - food, temperature, etc - are important too!

I remember one evening I started to tremble, and actually though I was feeling anxious till I realised I was hungry. Of course, I was stressed, but the reason was lack of food, not lack of psychotherapy!

You breath to live! No wonder we feel stressed when we have too little air. When we breath improperly. Check whether your breathing has stopped or shallow: Breath deeply?

Finally, you get calm because you want to! Do you want to be calm? Remind yourself of the great feeling you will get when you become calm and motivate yourself to feel calm.

Isn't it interesting that just pointing out a few obvious things can make all the difference!

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