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Who am I? - Who are they?

  We all have descriptions of people and perhaps of ourselves. These words have been used throughout history. Although in this century we have developed and used a number of scientific words to describe people, the simple descriptions sometimes bring about greater understanding.
Achiever Has high hopes and works hard to achieve goals
Affiliator Likes people and associating with people. Likes good relationships
Fighter Is already ready for an argument or a conflict. Loves it!
Independent Judges things by their own standards and will go for what they want alone.
Perseverer Just can't stop when they get their teeth into something. Here is someone who likes to complete things.
Exhibitionist This person likes to be the centre of attention and will do anything to be before the eyes of others.
Fearful This person shrinks from excitement and anything that might be a threat
Impulsive The Mr Toad character who thinks of something (or rather doesn't think enough about it) and does it.
Carer This person wants to help people and is concerned about them.
Orderer Hates disorder and untidiness. Spends ages making things tidy or orderly. Can be a nit picker!
Boss Likes power. Likes to boss others around
Sufferer This person complements the carer. The person who likes to tell others their problems and difficulties. The victim
Researcher Wants to know and understand. It is the knowing that is more important than achieving.

Of course, this doesn't pretend to be a complete list. You can figure out other types from the above. For example, the opposite of 'Impulsive' is 'Cautious.' Using this list you can increase your understanding of others and have some idea of how to predict how they will behave in the future.

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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