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Time Travelling into the Past to Eliminate Regret

  Take a journey in time into the past and solve your regrets, etc. Use this to deal with something that you are concerned about that happened in the past, say something you did, and regretted.
ΠRelax and be quiet, closing your eyes, if you like.
 Image yourself floating in space above your personal history line and move over it into the past to a time before the event you are concerned occurred.
Ž Be before this time on your personal history line. Ask yourself, 'Do I feel concerned about this?' Of course the answer is no, because it is in the future, and hasn't happened yet, so how could you be concerned about it. If you did feel concerned, then you wouldn't be in the right place place on your personal history line. Move to the time before in your personal history.
 Float back to the present and bring with you that feeling that you are no longer concerned.

When we regret something in the past, we did not regret it before it happened. We had no thoughts or feelings about it then. By utilising this resource from the past and bringing it back into the now, we can stop being concerned.


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