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Time Travelling into the future to eliminate anxiety

  Take a journey in time into the future and solve your anxieties. Use this to deal with something that you are concerned about in the future, say a having a difficult conversation, attending an important meeting or sales demonstration.
ΠRelax and be quiet, closing your eyes, if you like.
 Image yourself floating in space above your personal history line and move over it into the future to a time when the issue you are concerned about has already occurred.
Ž Be ahead of this time on your personal history line. Ask yourself, 'Do I feel anxious about this?' Of course the answer is no, because it is in the past, finished and done. If you did feel anxious, then you wouldn't have reached the time after the incident, would you? Repeat the steps, and this time go after the incident. How's that? Better? Mm! You did well!
 Float back to the present and bring with you that feeling that you are no longer concerned.

When we are worried about something in the future, we forget all the times in the past when we have been concerned, but afterwards, we forgot all about it. The things we were worried about then in the future were sooner or later in the past. Even if we are anxious about going to the dentist, after we have been we are no longer concerned. So, why wait? Go into the future now and release your concern!

This short article is written by Ken Ward.

Ken Ward and Peter Shepherd are co-authors of The Positive Approach.

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