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Looking Back at the Future and Solve Your Problems Now

  Do you find that thinking about the future is difficult? Many of us do. We find it easier to think about the past than we do what may occur in the future. For those of us who have a fuzzy concept of the future, this technique works wonders! You can use it to explore goals, solve problems, or to evaluate how you would like things to turn out, such as changing your job.
ΠSit quietly and breath relaxed.
 Let your mind float out into the future.
Ž When you are there now, at that future time, in your imagination, think back to the past which is the future now, and remember what has happened.
 This is especially useful when thinking about goals and problems, because you can remember how you attained what you wanted, which is easier than trying to look into the future.
 When you have learned how you attained your goal or solved your problem, then you can return to the past now.
In present time you might like to make notes about what you have discovered.

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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