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Drawing straight lines with your mind and solving your problems!

  Have you ever tried to draw a straight line. Have you watched an artist do so? If you have tried , you might have found there are two ways to do it reasonably well. One is to just do it. Do it fast without thought. Just draw the line. The other is the exact opposite. Draw it slowly with perfect control, one dot of the pencil at a time.

If there's something we have to figure out, we can use the same methods we used to draw a line. We can use a set of questions and just write down the first thing or things that come to mind, however silly they might be. Later we can use this list to see where the initial ideas lead us. This is a bit like brainstorming. We just do it! We draw the line fast.

Alternatively, we can approach the problem logically, using what procedures we know to systematically arrive at the solution. We can draw the line slowly!

Sometimes, when solving difficult questions, we can let our mind give us the answer instantly. We take the first answer the mind gives us immediately we ask the question. When the answer does not come easily we would use one of the above methods.

Use the above techniques on their own or with other methods in the course.

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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