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Smile With Your Eyes!

  Few are more beautiful than those with a warm and natural smile. Smiling warms the hearts of others and ours too. Learning to create a warm and friendly smile that makes us feel better and cheers up those who see us enables us to increase the happiness in the world. Replacing a miserable expression with a smile benefits everyone. So use this technique and you will smile naturally. Come on! Give me a smile! I deserve it!

Here's how.

ΠA smile begins with the eyes. Notice a twinkle, a feeling of amusement in your eyes.
 Notice how they move naturally as it becomes a smile with the eyes.
Ž You should resist smiling with your mouth. It will only grimace, so keep it fixed.
 When you smile with your eyes, it will spread and your mouth will move naturally and easily into a genuine smile. Let the smile with your mouth come naturally when it is ready.
 Beam with your eyes, and keep the rest of your face motionless until it breaks into a warm, friendly smile!

Practice in the mirror. See for yourself how this technique always works and makes you much more acceptable to others. Become a magnet of beauty! Smile with your eyes!

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