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Seven Powerful Motivators - To Get Others To Do What You Want Them To

  The following motivators have driven people to do all sorts of things.
ΠSelf love. Admiration. Flattery, we are told, gets you everywhere!
 Wealth. No need to comment on this. Confidence trickster play upon our greed for money and so strong is this that we can be deceived time and time again.
Ž Sex. Being sexually attractive and desired.
 Desire for what other have. Have you noticed that something doesn't seem at all interesting until someone else wants it?
 Enjoying the suffering of others. Taking pleasure from others feeling envious of us. Getting one up on others. One famous actress, on being sacked, vowed to come back, buy the film studio and sack those who had thrown her out. Several years later.she did! Getting one up on others motivates us powerfully!
To have things easy. We will work our socks off to avoid any effort!!
At bottom, we have a childish belief that we shall one day realise our most cherished hopes. For this reason, claims like 'Become fantastically rich, master others, live for ever, have any partner you wish', although clearly absurd have a tremendous effect on us.

I do not think that these lead to happiness, but I do think they are common factors in all of us. When we use these motivators, we can affect people very powerfully.

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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