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Seven More Powerful Motivators

ΠOur basic beliefs motivate us to act, feel and believe and when others agree with oub basic beliefs, we become very fond of them and trust them.
 For example, we have a childish belief that one day we shall realise our most cherished hopes. For this reason, absurd claims, such as the following, affect us tremendously.
  • Become fantastically rich,
  • master others,
  • live for ever,
  • have any partner you wish


Ž To help others. Big business in the West, charities  successfully urge us to give to a good cause. Giving eases the guilt we feel about feeling superior and better off than others.
 To be mentally strong and determined Who doesn't want to develop a masterful personality, to be strong willed and resolute!
 To be treated fairly Unfairness creates extreme social unrest.
To be seen as restrained This is related to being mentally strong. We believe that we should show restraint in eating, sex, and in revealing our power and wealth.
To be cautious Showing caution, especially in response to something new or strange makes us seem less gullible!

Part of our nature, these motivators might not bring happiness, but they affect us greatly.

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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