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Find the other's secret place and instantly influence them!

  When we think about something, we see certain colours, hear certain sounds, experience certain feelings about it, and place it somewhere. You often see people looking into empty space when they are talking to you about something in their mind. They are looking at their secret place!

Ask: "You have made a really excellent decision before, haven't you?" Notice in the space around the two of you, where they look. To influence them,  present your object in that "magic place" or stand in that magic place yourself.

ΠAsk the person to recall an experience that occurred in the past. For example, You have bought things you really liked before, haven't you?
 Watch where the person appears to look when they tell you about something they really like, etc.
Ž You can multiply your influence on that person by standing in that place, or putting the item you are trying to influence them with in that place. (If you can't get to that place where they are gazing (if they look at the roof of a nearby building, for example), you can place the object or yourself in that general direction)
 Either you are or the item is in the secret place, and when you get them to talk again about that pleasant thing, they will look at you in their secret place, and the pleasure of that place will rub off onto you!

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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