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Bored? Not me! Never!

Keep in Present Time and Be Happy!

  Our concerns may seem to come from the past or from the future. How strange! The past and the future are either gone or yet to come.Yet we let them bother us now! What if we lived (in our minds) in the present? We would be free of them. Here's how!

Do this exercise with real things, not in your mind!

ΠAsk yourself, 'What can I see now?' A window, a door .. Look around and notice some objects.
 What can I feel? Touch some things in the world, if you want. Note how they feel - warm or cool, rough or smooth, heavy or light ...
Ž Ask what is happening now?
 Repeat steps 1 to 3 to pull your mind into the present.

Immerse yourself wholly and totally in what you are doing now. Do whatever you are doing. Give it your all. At this moment, that's all you've got! Use the questions above to help you get into the present and - by moving out of the past or the future - enjoy this very moment.

Are you aware of how easy you can change when you know how to?

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