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The Picture Swop Way to feel Good - as quickly as you can move an image!

ΠMake a picture of yourself as you are now.
 Make a picture of yourself as you would like to be. Place it up and to your right. Just think of everything you don't want in the first picture and have this new picture be free of those problems. Of course you could think of what you want and make a picture of that new you with all those things. Note, you can tell just by looking at someone that they are that sort of person. So put those qualities into your new picture.
Ž When you have got your new picture set up in the upper right of your visual field, and the old one set up and clear, move the new picture right on top of the old one.
 Step into that new picture in the position of the old one, just where it covers and obliterates the old picture, and think, feel, see and hear all the sounds that this new picture has.
 Look out into the outside world and be that new person. Put your mind on something else, say counting down from 10 or 100.
Get on with your new life as that new person, with those new skills and abilities, feeling so good.
Enhance the new image as needed by repeating steps one to six.

Have you noticed how easy it is to change when you know how to?

This short article is written by Ken Ward.

Ken Ward and Peter Shepherd are co-authors of The Positive Approach.

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