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Solve your concerns by putting them in a picture frame, and hanging them on the wall!

  There are many ways to handle unpleasant memories - releasing their energy so you can feel happier. One way is to think about the memory differently. This following technique will help you think differently - and therefore feel differently - about an unwanted memory - releasing its fixed energy in bubbles of happiness. Practice with a mildly unpleasant memory first.
ΠNote the unwanted memory you wish to change.
 Turn it into a flat 2D image - like a picture in a book.
Ž Make it black and white.
 Put a picture frame round it. What sort have you used? Gilt edged? Or what. Perhaps simple wood
 In your imagination, hang it on a wall.
In your mind, play some silly music, such as Monty Python's Flying Circus
Why not hang it upside down? Or on the squint? (At a silly angle).
Change the image into a cartoon
Change the voices into Donald Duck, or some other amusing voice.
Feel how flat it is now it is a picture.

This can be an amazingly effective technique to use. And so easy once you get the hang of it.

Use this technique to transform your ugly images into something that can be real fun! (or funny!)

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