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Open and Closed Questions

  This important information can help you communicate better. You can use it to solve many issues. This is information about open and closed questions. Broadly, a closed question is one that can be answered by one word or phrase or a platitude. It is a conversation stopper. As such it is very useful and important. Open questions are ones that cannot be answered by a single word or phrase, and invite the other to talk - to volunteer new information.

Of course, the other can respond to a closed question with a long speech, and the other can respond to an open question with a single word or phrase, or grunt! But open questions get new information more often than closed ones.

Closed Questions

  1. Are you all right?
  2. Is this the right way to do this?
  3. Are you interested in films, or do you prefer sport?

Open Questions

  1. You appear upset. Let's sit down and talk about it?
  2. How, exactly, do you do this?
  3. Tell me about you favourite sport.

Use closed questions to finish a conversation or part of a conversation. Use open questions to get the other to speak more.

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