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The secret of the magic touch

  If someone touches you and asks, 'Do you feel that?' Of course you do. Here the word 'feel' has a sensory meaning. But when we use it in the sentence, 'Do you feel that this is right', it means 'think' On other occasions we use 'feel' to mean emotional feeling. Clearly the word 'feel' can be highly ambiguous!

If you touch someone and ask them if they felt it, they must agree. We can use this truth and ambiguity of 'feel' to make highly effective influence.

Here's how.

Start a sentence with "Do you feel that" and touch or brush them slightly on the hand or arm and then finish the sentence with what you want them to do. For instance, 'Do you feel that (touch them) we are going to make the deal now?'

You can also use "Don't you feel that " and as before touch them gently somewhere innocuous, such as the hand or arm. Then finish the sentence as before with what you want them to feel, decide or do. For example, "Don't you feel that (and touch them) we should do something about it?"

Research has indicated that most people are not even aware consciously that they have been touched physically, yet they are effectively influenced.

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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