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Instant replay to win every time!

  When we make a decision to do or accept something in the past we may follow a procedure and use criteria. We tend to repeat this pattern in the future when we have to make a decision or agree to something. This is the person's strategy for deciding or agreeing. If you know another's strategy for doing this, then you can repeat it and lead them to the same decision. We can also be aware when others are using this on us!
ΠAsk, 'How did you come to ... ... do in the past what you want them to do now ... ?
What made you ...
How did you know it was right to ...
 Listen carefully to how they came to make that decision, what the other person did, what procedure they followed. How they decided it was right for them.
Ž Follow this procedure in persuading them.

In a sales situation, a person might have been impressed with colour, tried it out, and talked it over with the family. If you wanted to sell a new one, you'd work to follow this procedure too. That is, you would find an impressive colour, let them try it out, and encourage them to talk it over with the family. You would repeat their last procedure.

Although it is better to use an example where they were delighted with the results, because we tend to repeat our habits, it may still work when they were not happy with the results! We tend to repeat our mistakes too!

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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