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Learn the secret of hidden emphasis - to influence unknowingly!

  By emphasising certain words in your sentences, you can give hypnotic commands to others to do what you want. To use this technique you have to plan it. Say, you want another to agree with your proposal and sign the agreement. Let's summarise, I don't know whether you agree with this proposal, you would want to decide before you sign here! Right on the line. (Strengthen your voice and look the person in the eyes when you say the words in bold.) If you have spoken the words in bold in a different way from usual, then the listeners unconscious mind will heare: 'you agree with this proposal ... you ... decide ... you sign here ...'. At one level the listener hears the whole speech, but the words said differently are noticed unconsciously and grouped together. Because they are embedded, the commands do not create so much resistance as simply saying them would.

A more subtle example is: 'This a bad sign, I can't find my pen. Oh this isn't it. Ah, this will do, or at least be acceptable for now!!'

You emphasise or mark certain words in the sentence in various ways:

ΠSay them louder or more softly as you say these words
 Look the other in the eye as you say these words
Ž Nod your head as you say these words
 Make a sign with your hand as you say these words
 Open your eyes wider or close them sleepily as you say these words

This and other techniques are in fact ways in which we naturally influence each other, but we are often unaware of it.

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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