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How to motivate yourself and fix on your goal within 24 seconds!

  You may want a goal, but do you have the motivation or enthusiasm to attain it? Are you prepared to do what it takes to get it? If not, or if you need a supercharge, then you can use this simple technique to motivate yourself to attain your goal. Try it, and, after you have spent a second or two learning it, notice how quickly it works. Be sure to follow these instructions EXACTLY!
ΠDecide what you want.
 Look down to your left - move your head and eyes - and ask, 'If I could already attain my goal, what would I look like?'
Ž Move you eyes and head up to your right and picture yourself actually achieving your goal as if you are watching yourself in a film, or on tv (That is you can see yourself).
 Make that picture bigger, closer, brighter and more colourful until it really makes a powerful impact on you
 Move your eyes and head down and to your right and step into the picture and feel what it feels like to actually achieve that wonderful goal

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

Eye directions for various types of thinking

Imaginary Pictures

Up and left    

  Remembering Pictures

                Up and right

Imagining Sounds



Remembering Sounds



Down and left

  Internal speech.

           Down and right

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