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How to Attain Your Goals -

The Seven Easy Steps to Ensure You Get What You Want!

  You know what you want, or you know what you don't want, so you have a list of goals. Now how are you going to attain them? One approach is to relax, be quiet, breath well and close your eyes. Imagine you are now at a time when you have attained your goals. Ask yourself the following questions:
ΠHow did you attain your goal. What specifically did you do? Let the answer come easily and naturally.
 How did you overcome any barriers to attaining them? Perhaps you had to overcome procrastination, the opposition of other people, or whatever. What did you do to overcome the barriers?
Ž How long did it take you to attain your goal?
 Now, in your imagination, you have attained your goal.
How did you know you had attained it? What signs did you see that indicated you had attained your goal? For example, if you want to be self-confidence, how do you know, now, in your imagination, in this future time, that you have now achieved self-confidence? What do you see, hear, feel ... that tells you for sure you have attained that goal?

If you want a million pounds, did you have to have a million or did you say you'd attained your goal when you had 900,000, or did it have to be 1,100,000, just to be sure? How did you know you had attained your goal?

 Be specific about your goal. What exactly are you now, as you imagine you are in the future? Or what are you doing now that you didn't do in the past, now? Or what do you have, now, or what relationships do you have now, which you didn't have in the past, which is now?
How does your goal fit in with your life? Is it what you really wanted? What are the reactions of others? What do they say? How do they react?
Allow your mind, or your unconscious mind to supply you with the answers. Be gentle. If you don't get your answers now, then you can put the questions on the back boiler and try the exercise later.
When you have explored the future and looked back at the past (which is your present, now) you can easily bring your attention back to the present and make notes on your goal.

This technique helps you deal with the future as if it were the present and to use your memory to access what you need to know. This makes the difficult matter of looking into the future easy, by pretending its the past.

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

This short article is written by Ken Ward.

Ken Ward and Peter Shepherd are co-authors of The Positive Approach.

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