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You must become a Cybernaut - to steer yourself through life!

  In ancient Greece the Cybernaut was the person who steered the boat. He got the boat to its destination by keeping it on course. The boat didn't stay on course. It was continually off course. The Cybernaut had to continually change its course to keep it going where he wanted it to go. One wind sent it one way. A wave pushed it another. The Cybernaut continually changed course to get the boat to its destination,. The boat reached its destination only because someone steered it.

If you wanted to sail from Sparta to Athens, would you just get on the boat and let it go where it willed? Or would you continually steer it to keep it on course? Which method would lead you to Athens and which would lead you somewhere else, perhaps round in circles, or on the rocks? The answer is obvious, isn't it? Your boat will only reach its destination if someone steers it.

So much is really obvious. But do we apply this knowledge in our lives?  Do we lead our lives in this way? Or do we hope that something will happen, or that someone will do what we want, (whether for their benefit or ours), so we can get what we want? Can it surprise anyone, under these circumstances, if our goals are not attained? And what would we say to a Cybernaut who allowed this to happen? Would you say he or she was kind, tolerant and granted freedom of choice by letting the boat go where it wanted, when the boat crashed onto the rocks and sank with all aboard?

What about the Cybernaut who steered the ship where he or she wanted to go, who did his own thing, and took us all to Troy when we wanted to go to Athens? This one is better than the previous one, however. At least we don't end up on the rocks!

No! The good Cybernaut is one who takes others where they want to go or where they get what they want.

So in life you MUST be a Cybernaut. There is little choice. There are the rocks, there is the going round in circles and there is the promised destination. Take the helm and steer your life in the direction you want for the benefit of us all.

You can do this by applying the learning in these short articles.

Have you noticed how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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