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Breathe and Develop Power!


The Relaxing Breath

Have you noticed that when you feel tense, you sometimes forget to breath? You think you are having an anxiety attack when, in reality, you just haven't remembered to breath! This might sound silly, but it is one of the most profound secrets of remaining calm. So when you feel anxious - remember to breath! (We all feel anxious when we stop breathing!)

So, providing you are breathing, this is a quick and easy techniques to handle stress:

u Take a deep breath through the nostrils and be aware of your abdomen expanding. Breath with your abdomen!

u When you practice this it might be useful to put your hands on your abdomen and feel it expand as you breath in.

u Breath in deeply through the nostrils keeping your shoulders motionless and let the expanding abdomen let the air in.

u When you have taken a deep breath, then let it out through the mouth noisily, perhaps doing a deep sigh! (Do it quietly, if you are with other people!)

u Breath in through the nostrils with the abdomen expanding and breath out through the mouth noisily. Do this 5 times.

u Notice how easy and quickly you can relax!

Practice doing the power breath so that you can do it easily and quickly when you need to banish stress immediately.

This short article is written by Ken Ward.

Ken Ward and Peter Shepherd are co-authors of The Positive Approach.

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