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Can I Really be Lucky?

  Yes, you can be lucky!

Luck means occurring by chance. It implies that

  • Luck just happens by chance, and
  • It cannot be planned or obtained by intention.

You cannot influence the result of a lottery, or a roll of dice, for example. So you cannot win by wishing or hoping.

Yet, apart from this you can be lucky. Here's how!

1. Know what you want
If you don't know what you want, how will you know when you find it?

As a young student, I was amazed that when I had learned a new word, I seemed to see it and hear it everywhere. It was as if after learning it, the world presented it to me on every occasion! Of course, the word did not occur more frequently - my awareness of it was greater! I heard it when previously, I had ignored it. Similarly, opportunities may surround us, but do not observe them? Like my new word, when we good luck or fortune in mind,  we notice all the great opportunities that surround us every day. When we do not have good fortune in mind, then we are unaware of all the opportunities that surround us.

Opportunities of all kinds surround us, and we recognise them when we have good fortune in mind.

2. Let everyone know what you want!

If you let others know what you want, they can pass on to you useful information and tips, but when unaware of what you want, they obviously can't help you.

3. If at first you don't succeed, then try, try and try again, and then give up and do something else!
We do not know which of the several or many things we try will work. Eighty per cent, at least of what we try will not bring the dramatic results we want. Of the remaining 20 per cent, only 4 per cent will be of much use. Successful people try many things. Try, try, try again, but then do something else! If a tiger wants your dinner, let it have it! You can always come back with your gun!

4. Be a lifelong learner

I have often heard people talk about their dream, perhaps a new business. Yet many choose something they know nothing about. They do not prepare themselves by learning all they can, before they make the jump!

Those who succeed become experts in their area of interest. They read, study, listen and ask questions, and gain experience.

5. Trust your intuition!

Respect your hunches and 'feelings.' This does not mean you blindly gamble on a hunch, it means that you give consideration to what appears, at first, to be irrational 'feelings' which may be clues from the unconscious mind which your conscious has missed. Respect your hunches and check them out! Remember may famous scientific discovers derived from sudden hunches or insights. But the scientist then had to prove them!

Also, intuitions might come to you gently and quietly. By listening to them and being aware of them you can open up the opportunities in your life.

6. Believe you will succeed!
Many really great achievements did not come overnight. They were often proceeded by many false starts, and difficulties. Maintain your faith that you will soon succeed in small things and in time in great ones. Never give up on your dreams! You will succeed sooner than you thought!

You can be lucky, not by magic or wild dreaming, but by following the tried and tested procedures above.

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