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The Magical Authority Voice

  When we were young, and our parents were angry with us they used the authority voice. They dropped the tone on the end of their sentences and you knew they meant business. After years of learning this none of us can avoid being affected by it. This voice sounds firm and in our own best interest. Begin to listen to the sound of people's voices. Do they have a childish whining voice? Or the voice of authority?

When we hesitate because we feel unsure, say when asking a question, our voice tone rises. We become more screechy! When we make a statement, our voice tone drops. A skilful speaker can use intonation to completely change the meaning of the words! We respond more to intonation patterns than to meaning! We do this unconsciously anyway. Learn to hear the patterns and use them consciously.

News readers receive training how to speak using the authority voice, because how they say things has greater impact than what they say. The same thing said in one voice - the Voice of Authority - and we believe it, and in another voice, and we do not believe it.

We need to practice this because when under stress our voice tone tends to rise, making us sound childish and weak.

When you use the Authority Voice you will automatically become more powerful and influential.

Practice by listening to others speaking and note how their voice changes, and what impression it creates. Listen especially to news readers! You will then be aware of the trick and you may use it yourself!

Are you aware of how easy it is to change when you know how to?

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