How to master yourself and others by anchoring thoughts, emotions and states.self development,


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How to master yourself and others by anchoring thoughts, emotions and states.

  Many years ago, an incident occurred which I found extremely amusing. It became associated with the expression 'windscreen wipers'. Thereafter, whenever we or anyone else said, 'windscreen wipers' we would burst out laughing. Of course this annoyed others who could not 'see' the joke.

Bursting out laughing when one or the other of us said, 'Windscreen wipers' appeared quite irrational to other people!

The neutral words 'windscreen wiper' had become 'anchored' to the experience. Whenever we wanted to experience the amusement again, we had only to say 'windscreen wipers.'

Windscreen wipers became a trigger for recalling the past incident and its emotional state.

Actually, it still seems pretty funny to me today, many years later!

This experience shows we can become accidentally anchored to experiences, so that something neutral - a sound, a picture, a touch - can become linked to that experience. The anchor then evokes the emotions, thoughts or states linked to it.

By using anchors we can deliberately bring experiences under conscious control and bring them out whenever we wish. For example, if we need confidence on a certain occasion in the future, we can make an anchor to give us that confidence when we need it.

Here's how!

ΠRecall an experience with the resource you require.
 When you experience the resource at its maximum, then touch yourself (for example, bring the thumb and forefinger together) and you will anchor the experience
Ž Recall, or imagine several other similar experiences to strengthen the feeling you desire and apply the anchor.
 Test the anchor to see whether it evokes the experience you want. If not repeat the above steps.

In the anchor above we used feeling (or touch) to create the anchor - joining the index finger and thumb.You can also use a mental picture or a sound to make the link between the anchor and the experience. You could, if you wished use all three!

That is you could touch yourself, recall a mental picture and a sound.

You can apply anchors to others using the same principles.

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