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30 + techniques to make you feel good, increase your self-esteem, and make your more powerful and influential!

Anchoring just the feelings or thoughts you want!
The Magical Authority Voice
How to be lucky!
How to Talk So Others Listen With Their Hearts
Breath of Power
4 Conditions for Calm
Tips on beating stress and feeling good
Magic Words of Influence
Being Criticised
Become a Cybernaut!
How to know that a technique worked!
How to Set Your Goals
How to Attain Your Goals - Part 2
25 Seconds to Motivation
Secret of Hidden Emphasis
Win with Instant Replay
How to learn a new idea so it really makes a change!
Secret Magic Touch
Master of the Universe!
Metaphors that may be wrecking your life!
Quick Rapport - Even with difficult people
Open and Closed Questions.
How to get 100% agreement every time!
What is personal development?
Hang up your troubles in the picture frame
Picture Swop and Feel better
Keep in present time and be happy
Pretending your way to mastery
How to gain mastery of a new skill - Repetition, Repetition and Repetition!
Find the Other's Secret Place
Seven More Powerful Motivators
Seven Powerful Motivators - To Get Others To Do What You Want Them To
Smile With Your Eyes
Drawing straight lines with your mind and solving your problems!
Change Negative States Instantly
Multiply your power with the secret of critical mass!
Looking Back at the Future Now
Travelling into the Future to Eliminate Anxiety
Travelling through time into the past to eliminate regret
Ability's Secret
Utilisation - Using what you have to achieve whatever you want!
Who am I - Who are they?

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