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Fonts grouped into classes

(The font shown on your computer may be the default font!)

Fontface Classification
Balloon decorative
Beesknees decorative
Broadway decorative
Curlz MT decorative
Eklektic-Normal Ex decorative
Marriage decorative
Matisse ITC decorative
Snap ITC decorative
Stencil decorative
Stop decorative
Uechi-Gothic decorative
Umbra Normal decorative
Bernhard Mod BT modern
Broadway modern
Elephant modern
Heritage modern
Juice ITC decorative
Latin Wide modern
Nimrod sans
Perpetua modern
Photina Casual Black modern
PosterBodoni BT modern
PosterBodoni It BT modern
Wide Latin oldstyle

Book Antiqua


Baskerville oldstyle
Baskerville BT oldstyle
Baskerville Handcut oldstyle
Bookman Old Style oldstyle
Calisto MT oldstyle
Centaur oldstyle
CenturySchoolbook oldstyle
Cooper Black oldstyle
Cooper Bllt BT oldstyle
Dutch 801SWA oldstyle
Garamond oldstyle
Garamond MT oldstyle
Georgia oldstyle
MS Serif oldstyle
Times New Roman oldstyle
Century Schoolbook oldstyle
Arial Rounded, MT Bold sans
Arial sans
Century Gothic sans
Comic Sans MS sans
Courier New slab
Dom Casual sans
Eras Bold sans
Eras Demi sans
Eras Light ITC sans
Eras Medium ITC sans
Eras Ultra ITC sans
Eurostile Extended sans
Fette Engschrift sans
Fixtsys sans
Folio BdCnBT sans
Folio Bk sans
Folio Lt sans
Franklin Cond Gothic sans
Frugal Sans sans
Futura Lt BT sans
Futura BdCn sans
Futura mdCn sans
Futura XBlkCnlt BT sans
Futura XBlklt BT sans
Gill Sans sans

Gill Sans Condensed


Gill Sans Ultra Bold sans
Haettenschweiler sans
Impact sans
Letter Gothic xyz sans
Lucida Console slab
Lydian sans
Modern sans
Monotype Sorts sans
MS Sans Serif sans
News Gothic sans
News Gothic Condensed sans
NewsGothic BT sans
Optimum sans
Small Fonts sans
System sans
Tahoma sans
Terminal sans
Trebuchet MS sans
Tw Cen MT sans
Tw Cen Cond sans
Verdana sans
Abadi Condensed Sans
Bradley Hand ITC script
Brush Script script
Brush Script MT script
Commercial Script BT script
Mural Script script
Staccato222BT script
Viner Hand ITC script
Rockwell slab serif
Rockwell Extra Bold slab serif

Rockwell Light

slab serif

Rockwell Condensed slab
Courier New slab sans
Binner Gothic unclassified
Copper plate unclassified
Futura MdCn unclassified
Schadow BlkCn BT unclassified
Serpentine unclassified
Staccato555 BT unclassified
Tempus Sans ITC unclassified

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