Homeopathy is a form of medicine which is quite irrational. It does not make any theoretical sense. It is completely unscientific. It is  hocus pocus. But it works. Ever since Hahnemann discovered it, wherever homeopathy spread, orthodox physicians treated homeopathy as if it were itself a plague! Hahnemann died in 1843, but the campaigns of denigration and vilification continued, and do continue up to the present day.

The success of his method in the first cholera epidemic was attributed to rumours disseminated by disciples. In 1854, however, cholera again spread through Europe; and the fact that a homeopathic hospital had opened in London made it possible to compare its results in treating the disease (its wards were given over to cholera the cases) with those of other London hospitals. The inspector assigned to the Homeopathic Hospital was compelled to admit that the treatment worked; `Although an allopath in principle, education and practice,' he wrote `were it the will of Providence to afflict me with cholera and deprive me of the power of prescribing for myself, I would rather be in the hands of a homeopathic than an allopathic adviser.'

When the statistics which had been collected during the epidemic were conveyed to Parliament the doctors left out the figures for the Homeopathic Hospital. A young member of Parliament, Lord Grosvenor, spotted the deficiency and the Board was ordered to furnish all the returns.

They showed that the average mortality among cholera patients had been over fifty per cent except in the Homeopathic Hospital, where it had been six point four per cent! When asked why they had suppressed these figure, the Committee said they had all agreed that if the figures were published:

"They would give an unjustified sanction to an empirical practice alike opposed to the maintenance of truth and to the progress of science."

Like orthodox scientists, whatever the evidence, the orthodox doctors would not change their views. It could well be true that the successes of homeopathy in human and veterinary medicine are something other than a proof of homeopathy. This is not the point. The point is that there is striking evidence which needs to be studies and interpreted. The medical scientists would not even do that! They would prefer people continue to suffer than for the orthodox scientists to admit that they may be wrong!

Even worse, perhaps the homeopathic doctors treated their patients were more love and attention than their conventional brethren!

The next article is about the strange character, Barker the Bonesetter, who attained recognition even by the King of England and the British Parliament, but was ostracised by the medical profession even against this strong support. However, it probably cost the medical profession in Britain the legal powers and monopoly doctors enjoy in other countries. However, the point is that even against powerful evidence, the establishment will not forsake its dogma, even when it claims to base its work on facts, not opinions!

Barker the Bonsetter

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