Grants are stopped

Swinney and Gollub, two American scientists, used a computer to extract, from their laser data, the power spectrum of the fluid velocity. This is exactly what you need to observe the successive creation of new frequencies. This was their expectation. They looked for the first transition, and found it. They repeated the experiment many times, getting very clean and accurate data. So clean and accurate, in fact, that the fluid dynamists didn't believe them. Nobody wanted to publish their results. Their application for a research grant was turned down. Some said the results weren't new, others didn't believe them at all.
Again with the passage of time, the theoretical basis for rejecting the experimental evidence was coming into doubt. It was either irrelevant or wrong.

But the power of dogma in science took precedence over the experimental results. And science is supposed to be about experiments!

The next article looks at homeopathy. Homeopathy is the theory that a disease is treated by giving the patient a medicine which would cause the disease in healthy people. The medicines are diluted so much that they contain almost none of the original substance. By giving sick people this diluted substance, usually in the form of sugar pills, according to theory and fact, they are helped to recover. The theory of homeopathy, is I suppose, absurd. And if true, quite frightening, because diluted substances would be more powerful than the concentrated stuff. Yet the facts seem to lend some support to homeopathic treatment. That there are homeopathic veterinarians makes one wonder whether the conventional explanation that it is all suggestion is quite right. However, this is not the point of the next article, which is when confronted with evidence they don't like, the establishment suppresses it.


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