Personal Wellbeing

What would life be like if you weren't happy? Can anything have any meaning or point to it, if somewhere there isn't personal wellbeing? Unless we learn to control our emotions   we will not have made much progress in personal development.

Think of the goals of personal wellbeing:

  • Enlightenment,
  • Nirvana,
  • Actualisation,
  • Bliss,
  • Joy,
  • Paradise,
  • Peace,
  • Serenity,
  • Tranquillity,
  • Being calm.

Aren't these partly related to emotions, to feelings? Could emotions be the whole component in these goals? Isn't happiness the promise of almost all religions. Isn't this what we seek from counselling?

Clearly there is more to it than mere emotions, (and, of course this is what we are saying here!), but in many systems the techniques and tricks are aimed only at controlling the emotions. Procedures must make us feel better, if they are to be useful or effective, but feeling good cannot be the whole purpose. There must be more to it.

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