The Links Between Wellbeing,
Understanding and

Their Basic Unity.

To live a worthwhile meaningful life we need to feel good. Pleasure is an essential ingredient. But this is not the ignorant pleasure of the sensationalist. We need to understand. We want to know about life and understand ourselves and others. Often the way we feel about something affects how we feel about it too. Similarly, there may be no greater frustration than for the great person to discover something that is of great value to the world only to find it falls on deaf ears. How much valuable knowledge have we lost because we resist anything new, even if it is life saving? How long does it take for something new to become common place? Yet power is not everything. Many great kings and leaders have followed a great scheme only for it to come to nothing. In the legend of King Arthur, after the early wonderful progress against fearsome odds, the great quest eventually fizzled out. His knights bickered, he lost faith in his wife, and eventually lost his kingdom and his life. Yet he lived on into immortality in the legend. Arthur clearly had effectiveness, but with the loss of Merlin, he lost Understanding. And with the loss of Guinevere, lost his love (well-being). He is perhaps a great object lesson for those on the Personal Development Quest! A more recent example is that of Charles Darwin . In his later years Charles Darwin wrote that he seemed to lack the ability to appreciate life.With a bit of imagination we can suppose that he is saying exactly the same as we are in linking the Emotions to the Understanding (Intellect) and Effectiveness (Morals.)

Personal Development is gaining Personal Wellbeing, Understanding and Effectiveness. The parts are not really separate and they interrelate. They are aspects, or viewpoints of the whole. The division is artificial, made to bring out a point. Our excuse for doing this is that we seem to have forgotten that these are parts of the whole and we note many systems are deficient or not the whole answer because they omit one or more of the parts. Of course, we are not suggesting even that our analysis is correct. There may well be other parts which we have omitted. However, these three words, Personal Wellbeing, Understanding, and Effectiveness are rather broad in their scope. They represent concepts which might not be easily rendered in language. For example, in growth work, they become Controlling the Emotions, Meaning or Reframing, and Action or Behaviour! They lurk through our language wearing many different forms, yet come together into the three and then into the one!


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