The Triune of Personal Development  -





Have you noticed that sometimes people who have genuinely attained a high level of personal wellbeing are yet sometimes poor? Does the penniless, but happy sage ring any bells?

Have you ever encountered people high in intelligence and with great knowledge, yet they are not always happy and not always rich? Are teachers the richest group in our society?

Do you know or have you heard or read about people who have a great deal of power, money, etc, yet they are thoroughly miserable as human beings? What about modern politicians who wreck their careers for the sake of transient affection?

Have you ever thought that the vital skills of personal development seem to be fragmented within our society so that different people have more than their share of one or perhaps two qualities but their lives are less than they might have been had they developed all three?

In our society there even seems to be antagonism between these groups. What do teachers think of business people and sales people? What do gurus think of Western Society and Consumerism? What do men, or women of action think of meditation? Does our education system teach us how to feel good, and be enlightened?

Of course, time and fashions change. The above may be extreme. But does it not seem that something really wonderful has been split into three pieces and shared out only to result in something of little value?

Personal Development Quest seeks to heal the broken unity and bring together personal wellbeing, Understanding and Effectiveness so that we can live our lives, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in the way we deserve.