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Meditation to contact spirits, etc

Relax and develop the right attitude

Spend a few minutes relaxing and putting your trust in the power of good and trust in this power. Believe that only good spirits will visit you. Even though you aren't aware of them yet, thank the good spirits for coming to help you. Feel gratitude.

Continue to breath in the eight-fold breath during the meditation

Breath in for a count of 8. Hold the breath for a count of 4. Breath out for a count of 8. Hold the breath for a count of 4. Continue this breathing throughout the meditation. If you forget for a while, just continue where you left off.

Open the Chakras

Open and energise the chakra. Begin with the crown chakra and feel it become energised. draw the energy from above and feel it move down. Next the third-eye chakra. Intend to open this chakra and feel it becoming charged with light. Continue with the throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and base chakaras. Open them all up and intend them to be charged with light energy from above. If a chakra does not seem responsive continue to charge it with the light energy as you breath in the good energy.

Open the third-eye

You are breathing in the 8-fold manner. You have opened your chakras. Now put your attention on the third-eye. From here you begin to look within. Find the place where you see images, where you daydream. For example, when you say the word 'flower', how do you know what it looks like? What the word means? Find this space. This is the space we are referring to.

Now for the next five minutes spend time looking in this space. Look without judgement or evaluation. Allow whatever is, to be there in that space. However do not spend to much time on one image. If one persists let it go and allow another to come.

Know you are protected by the goodness.

Closing the chakras

One by one, spend about 5 minutes closing down the chakras. Turn-off the light and get the idea they are closed. Continue the 8-fold breath. Know you are releasing whatever you experienced during the meditation and you are feeling good and relaxed.

Special Note

If you wish for knowledge, then find the space where you look for knowledge. If you want to know something where does your mind go? This is where to put your mind for knowledge.

Note that this meditation energises the chakras in the opposite way to how they are normally energised.

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