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Our Spiritual Nature


star12.gif (1071 bytes) Free your mind and free your life.

How have we as spiritual beings become trapped by our own creations.

star12.gif (1071 bytes) Life is a Video Game?

Comparing our life as physical beings with players of a video game.

star12.gif (1071 bytes) What is spirit?

What do we mean by spirit and spiritual? What is the spiritual in everyday life?

star12.gif (1071 bytes) What happens when we die?

Summary of various sources of information which give a consistent picture of what happens when our bodies die.

star01.gif (1270 bytes)After Death States

While reincarnation is the usual option after death, there is the possibility of growth through higher planes of existence.

star12.gif (1071 bytes) Meditation to contact spirits, etc

Meditation used by mediums or channellers to contact the spirit world.

star12.gif (1071 bytes) What are the chakras?

Listing of the common chakras.

star12.gif (1071 bytes) Out-of-the-body Experiences

star12.gif (1071 bytes)What is Karma?