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Astrology For some people, Astrology can be a great source of knowledge about the self and other people. Much of the ancient knowledge has been preserved and passed down to us through Astrology. These pages teach more about this subject.
Master Your Mind An owner's manual for the mind. Many techniques that enable you to achieve mastery of your mind.
How to feel good 5 Techniques you can use to feel good now! These techniques are really practical and you can use them to feel good whatever ...
Mind Techniques 30 plus techniques to improve your communication skills, well-being and ability. Here are a long list of techniques to handle a variety of situations
Transforming the Mind Peter Shepherd's on-line book, Transforming the Mind. A landmark work in personal development - and free to   download!
1stCommunicationSkil Articles posted to 1stCommunicationSkill mailing list. These articles are about interpersonal communication and influence.
1stSelfDevelopment Articles posted to 1stSelfDevelopment mailing list. Discussions and techniques to help you develop yourself!
Spiritual The spiritual dimension! Life, Death and the Spirit. Really important stuff for those who are concerned about our worldly existence.
Sales How to be good at sales. We all sell, and this can be a useful self development technique. We all have to communicate our ideas and this is one way of doing it.

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