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This javaScript tutorial concerns items in the language . The other one, is concerned with code that can be quickly used on a web site. It is concerned 'with useful stuff', rather than the language itself. This javascript tutorial also deals with useful stuff, but it is a bit more language oriented and explains how things work a little better than the other one. It is intended to be easier to understand. It is less concerned with achieving some effect as with demonstrating functions, etc, in JavaScript. Go here for the first lesson in this series. Or go here for the Table of Contents. Or go here to search this site.

So far as I have been able, I have tried to demonstrate on the page what is being taught on that page. And I copy the code from the page to minimise errors!

This new guide is not better or worse than the previous one. It has a different emphasis. The previous one is intended to be extremely practical. This one is intended to explain things better.

The other one was 'a mixture between instructing and cut & paste'. This one is more about the language!

This one is more geared to those who want to learn the language and more interested in fully understanding how it works.

One of the problems with producing documents for the internet is that different browsers behave differently and what works for one might not work for the others. I have tried to overcome this by writing script that most browsers can read. I err towards Internet explorer.

Note: JavaScript has written the navigation below to make updating the links easier for me, and to make them more reliable for the reader. By freeing me from too much concern about navigation, etc, I can get to writing this stuff.

So, enough wind and waffle, let's get started!


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