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JavaScript Triple Menu

Triple drop down menu 3


To explore self development and computer stuff: - choose a topic from the drop-down box on the left, then a subject from the box in the middle. And finally choose a page from the drop down menu on the right.

Select a topic ... ... then a subject ... ... and then a page to go ...



function MyTopics1(aMenu){


with (aMenu){

/* Quite simply, each of these functions, MyTopics1, etc, fill in the second menu with the subjects

for that topic. So for topic 1, the subjects are as below. The other functions similarly populate the menu with the appropriate subjects


//Rewrites the text and values

options[0]=new Option("Select a page","none");

options[1]=new Option("JavaScript","");

options[2]=new Option("HTML","");

options[3]=new Option("CSS","");



//Netscape likes a refresh, but Microsoft doesn't

if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Netscape")>-1)





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