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Hello. Today is:

And the time is now (according to your computer):

  As promised, there is little new to learn to get the months. There is a function getMonth() which which corresponds with getDay(), and as with the days, we need to make an array writing the months in the way we want them displaid.

var myMonths=new Array(



And as with the days, we can display the month as follows:

var myMonths=new Array(



today=new Date()



Because this month is then the above code will result in !

However, we might not want this month, and prefer one, say, 3 months on - which is

For example, our next appointment will be in 3 months time, which is .

The code which achieves the above effects is shown below.

var myDate=new Date();

  The new thing in the above is setMonth(). We can use this to change the month in any date. We use the numbers 0 to 11 to change the month to another one. In the above code, we extracted the date from the present and added 3 to it. Then we used this new number to set the date to our new month.

Enter a number of months in the box and
click the button to find the new date -
that many months ahead!

Enter months here:

New Date


For example, if we enter 78 months, we get:

which is 78 months from today.


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